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Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to get more followers on Twitter

How to get more followers on Twitter - Although I work in the office and a lot of work that makes me tired but still I make a blog Tech News World and still will update it for you because this is part of my hobby who likes the world of technology, especially about the gadget, now we will discuss first about How to get more followers on Twitter because it is the topic that you are now looking for, please refer to the information I provide in the guarantee for you,

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How to get more followers on Twitter

 "Tweet" as part of his professional activity, is good ... Without a solid base of subscribers with whom to interact, share links, tips, promotions or other, animate a Twitter account is a time-consuming exercise, few profitable and fast-motivating hence the importance of reflecting, when you register at an effective strategy to rapidly increase your number of followers. Having clearly identified the goals of your presence on Twitter, various tools and techniques of communication-internes and external to plateforme- are available to encourage Twitter users following you. A necessary step to hope to become one day an "influential" user.

 Here are some golden rules, tips and best practices for improving your chances of being seen and followed on Twitter.

Improve its visibility on Twitter

 To encourage users to follow you, you must initially be identified by members as a relevant contributor. The first step is to clearly define your scope of action on the platform, and what you will bring to concrete. Only after this period of reflection that you can use the tools provided by Twitter to promote your profile.

Define "editorial line" for his profile:

 Twitter users generally follow patterns that match their interests. As a content producer, you are both "editor" and "chief editor" of your own communication space. For reasons of clarity and coherence, so you will have to define the editorial line, which will allow users to better identify you, and encourage them to follow you.
 A series of questions can help you set this policy:

 - On what I want to share content on Twitter (individual, independent professional, working group, project, /search/label/business" target="_blank">business, website)?
 - In what area of ​​expertise I am more legitimate to express myself?
 - What are the objectives of my presence on Twitter: development of my personal brand, job search, B2B-B2C marketing, customer relationship?

Effectively acquaint their profile, customize his Twitter page:

 Twitter offers a presentation field (bio) in the form of a mini jack, allowing you to present to the community. This is an important commitment factor with potential followers.
- Indicate precisely who you are and on what topic you tweet exactly
- Add a URL in the appropriate field, depending on your communication objective (website, LinkedIn profile, personal blog, etc.)
- Add a photo: members adding a photo to their profile are much followed that members without photo.
- Localize
- Customize the background theme of your Twitter page (you can add a custom image on which you take the opportunity to share messages or slogans)

Use Twitter to recruit followers:

 Once your "identity" created and your editorial framework in place, you must follow a few golden rules to improve the visibility of your tweets, and encourage members to follow you:

 - Tweets frequencies is essential to hope to increase its base of followers. Set a daily goal of publications (between 5 and 10 is a minimum)
 - Use the Mention function (@xxxxx): it allows to interpellate a member (the equivalent of a Poke on Facebook) to engage in conversation and thus customize your relationship to the community. For example, to start a debate, greet interesting content produced by the person concerned, etc.
 - The ReTweet (RT): This feature, which allows a person to notify you recommended his tweet, should be used parsimoniously. If you use it too frequently (more than one tweet three), the risk of being perceived as a user who "produce" the content of its own. Use it with influential members (who have many followers) to make yourself visible to them.
 - HashTags (#): The keywords are important on Twitter, as these are significant standby criteria for many users. In the composition of a tweet, it is not always possible to indicate the concept / the general theme to which it relates. Consider using #Keyword function to promote your tweet, by including it in a thematic area (eg #marketing).
 - If your business allows, why not take pictures (eg products) and share them on the hosting platform of photos / videos Twitpic, knowing that there are many fast-sharing services (via /search/label/mobile" target="_blank">smarpthone in particular)
 - Start competition events (eg product offering) rewarding one of your new subscribers for the duration of it.
 - Create lists: Twitter allows you to create following thematic lists. If you follow the accounts dedicated to your industry on one side and on management techniques on the other, you can create two differentiated lists. Not only will you organize your 'watchfulness' but in addition, each account you add to a list receives a notification. A good opportunity to get noticed by him and possibly be followed.
 - Managing tweet frequencies: Twitter recommends three to four tweets a day to maximize its commitment rate and thus maximize its chances of winning followers.
 - Analyze its Twitter traffic: Since July 2014, Twitter offers its analytics service. Consult and analyze your content manager allows more precisely identify successful tweets, the rate of commitment and demographics of your followers.

Recruit followers via external media and platforms

 Several tips are used to recruit followers "passively", outside the context of use of the service.
 Some possible solutions:

 - Add your Twitter user name (URL) on various social media and content sharing platforms where you are present (eg LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Slideshare, Scribd).
 - Add your Twitter user name to sign your professional email address, but also "physical" communication media (eg business card, etc.)
 - If you distribute a press release for the launch of a Job or event: incorporate a pre-written tweet template (to copy and paste) quoting your Twitter account, with a share link.
 - Embed a badge / button / Twitter widget to your blog / website.
 - Indicate on your website / blog that you "follow back" your new subscribers, on the principle of reciprocity.
 - Sign up for different Twitter profiles SEO directories. They allow you to appear in thematic lists or categories viewed by other members seeking Twitter profiles to follow. These include: Twellow, WeFollow, Listorious, Twibes, Tweetfind, etc.
 - Some Twitter members "automatically follow back" if you subscribe to their account. Although this method seems somewhat artificial, it can quickly increase its number of subscribers at the beginning, knowing that your number of followers is an important argument to encourage other users to follow you.
 - Buying followers: Not recommended ! It is possible to buy a large volume of Twitter followers. It is not advisable to practice this artificial inflation of figures. Reassuring in the moment, but risky in the long term. Indeed, the accounts are usually fake without real people behind. A quick scan can easily detect them (these fake accounts have no followers, never tweeting). This practice is likely to dent your online reputation.

 Good luck ! :)

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