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Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Leave a Comment On Blogs

How to Leave a Comment On Blogs - Although I work in the office and a lot of work that makes me tired but still I make a blog Tech News World and still will update it for you because this is part of my hobby who likes the world of technology, especially about the gadget, now we will discuss first about How to Leave a Comment On Blogs because it is the topic that you are now looking for, please refer to the information I provide in the guarantee for you,

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How to Leave a Comment On Blogs

 We know that to leave a comment is very important to our website due to seo. But if you are not follow the rules your comment may detected as a spam comment. So when you will write a review you should read the article where you leave a comment. There are many way to do this.
Many website have readymade comments box where are required - name, email address, website and your comment. By giving this information you should click on send/leave comment i-con. That’s way your comments will awaiting for moderation.

How to Leave Comment with html tag:
You can also use html tag to leave a comment.  At the end of your comment you can use the html tag given below-
<a href="">carifahmad</a>
you should replace the url with your websites url and use your closeable keyword in the place of carifahmad

An example to leave a comment-
Thank you very much. I am seeking a solution for odesk registration problem. By reading and following your article this problem has solved. Thanks again.
<a href="">carifahmad</a>

How to leave Comment with bb code:
As same as html code you can use bb code to leave a comment. Here is the bb code-

Instructions to Leave a Comment:
Be sure your comment is not a spam or you are not a spammer.  If your comment will detected as a spam comment it will delete by site author /admin or moderator. So be careful to leave a comment. You should follow the following rules to leave a comment:
*write a summary or gist of post and write a wonderful review. So your comment will not be spam one.
*Do not write only- nice’, fine’, Thanks,’ wonderful – such kind comment.
*give only one anchor text on your comment.

How to Leave a Comment Youtube Video

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hopefully information How to Leave a Comment On Blogs can provide useful knowledge for you in getting information about the latest gadgets,

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