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Monday, August 16, 2010

Late to the party

Late to the party - Although I work in the office and a lot of work that makes me tired but still I make a blog Tech News World and still will update it for you because this is part of my hobby who likes the world of technology, especially about the gadget, now we will discuss first about Late to the party because it is the topic that you are now looking for, please refer to the information I provide in the guarantee for you,

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Late to the party

Greetings all ("all" meaning 0 people at this point since this is my first posting).  I figured it was time for me to join the party and get myself a blog.  This blog will be used primarily to talk about Microsoft's UC offerings (OCS, Exchange and CS "14"). 

A bit about myself:  I'm a consultant with a company called Buchanan Technologies in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto).  I'm also a virtual Technology Specialist (vTS) for Microsoft for OCS 2007 R2.  I've been a consultant with Buchanan for 10 years now (yikes!) and have really gotten on board the whole unified communications bit, especially Microsoft's offerings.  I worked at Microsoft a long, long LONG time ago as a support tech, and am pretty sure they installed a chip in my skull during one of the awesome parties they had back then.  To give you an idea on how long ago I worked at MS, the first product I supported was MS-DOS 6.2!  I moved on to greener pastures shortly after Windows 95 hit the scene, but still look back with fondness at those carefree days.

Thankfully, I've progressed since then (at least I hope so!) and this blog will prove useful to you!


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